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Monumental Brass for Sir George Felbrigg

Sir George Felbrigg

“Put Your Knights Into Your Day…”

In the days of olde, squires were usually invested (knighted) on special holidays or events.

The Night Before (no puns intended) …

The preparations would begin with:

  • A special bath (pretty rare in those days!)
  • The knight-to-be was then dressed in white.
  • Prayers were given all night long, as the knight-to-be sometimes kneeled at the altar (some pretty haggard faces the next day!)

The Special Day…

Kings, queens, knights, nobility, or clergy touched the shoulders of the worthy candidate with a sword. The knight would swear an oath that might include:

  • He would always defend a lady.
  • He would speak only the truth.
  • He would be loyal to his lord.
  • He would be devoted to the church.
  • He would be charitable and defend the poor and helpless.
  • He would be brave.

This code of chivalry helped to prevent the knights from creating havoc. (Maybe we should think of bringing this tradition back!!) Once the ceremony was completed, the knight put on his armour, received his sword and mounted his horse. He then performed in a show of his skills for all to see.

The Knightly “Perks” (Or why I want to become a knight)…

  • The knight was always called “sir”.
  • The knight could own land and hire soldiers to defend it.
  • The knight could afford to buy and wear armour
  • The knight was always seated at the head table along with the lords and royals. (Their food was always hot!)
  • He would lead the soldiers in battle.
  • In peace time, he would train, participate in tournaments, and run his estates.

Maybe your class could develop your own code of Chivalry and hold a tournament to “test the skills” of your knightly candidates. You too, could “Put your knights into your days!”

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Taken from:   Freudenrich, Ph.D., Craig.  “How Knights Work”  22 January 2008.

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