Come Ye Come Ye to the Once Upon A Time Medieval Exhibit in Port Perry

We are very thrilled to announce that we will be be participating in a Medieval Exhibit, “Once Upon a Time…” with the Scugog Shores Heritage Centre and Archives in Port Perry.

This wonderful museum is located on:

1655 Reach Street, Port Perry

(inside the Scugog Arena)

(905-985-8698 Ext 103

Knights, Castles and Commonfolk…

Revisit Medieval England from 1000 to 1500 AD!

Go back to the time of the lords and ladies, knights and damsels, peasants and common folk.

See how they lived, played and fought…

Lady Colleen, Sir Ian and Queen Alexis will be presenting two sessions daily from March 10 – 14, where for $10.00 you can choose 2 history medieval figures to bring make a rubbing and bring a bit of history, home.

Look for us on Rogers TV!

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