See, this is how easy it is to make a brass rubbing…


If you need an activity that is unique, educational, historical and fun, call –  “BRASS RUBBINGS”!

Two young men working on brass rubbings

Working hard

A Brass Rubbing Workshop Gives You:

A student workshop developed and presented by qualified teachers dressed in full medieval costumes as “Queen Alexis” and “Lady Colleen”.

No stressful planning or busing costs as we come to you, complete with all our equipment.

A Medieval Times presentation, which follows the Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies/Art (Grade 4) comes complete with a grading rubric and a follow-up assessment for you to complete with the class.

A unique, curriculum based, Grade 4 – 12 print-making art or medieval history activity which, when completed, can be graded.

Follow-up resources related to Medieval History are available upon request.


With a little instruction from us, you can re-create and take home: two pieces of living history in the form of unique brass rubbings which are ready to hang on your living room wall or to be given as a special gift.  To acquaint you with the real person you have drawn, a concise printed historic summary of each person’s life is attached to the back of your masterpiece.


School staff and classroom volunteers are welcome to join the workshop to create their own complimentary brass rubbing.


Henry the Eighth Monumental Brass

Henry the VIII


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