Workshop Details Page

Workshop Details Page  (download for your own copy)

Dear Staff:

Thank you for choosing Gryphon Medieval Brass Rubbings!

Prior to our arrival please arrange for the following:

1/ We will arrive at your location approx. 45 minutes prior to the workshop in order to set up.

2/ We would prefer a library/gymnasium/room on the first floor of the building as we will be bringing approx. 150 kg of equipment. If a first floor room is not available, arrangements for some assistance would be greatly appreciated.

3/ One or two volunteer helpers are suggested when doing workshops for groups larger than 35 children. All school teachers and any workshop volunteers are invited to do one brass rubbing (free of charge) after the participants’ workshop.

4/ We will also need one desk or workplace area on a large table for each participant as each brass is approx. 24” long. The room should be large enough for instructors to walk around the participants as they are working.

5/ A chair or floor space for each participant as we begin with a 30 minute presentation. Space and equipment considerations are vital to the workshop.

6/ Please provide a list of boys and girls with first names and initials for each class so that we can prepare labels.

7/ Please choose one  girl and one  boy to come down 10 minutes before class to become a princess and knight to participate in the presentation. Cameras would be recommended to commemorate the occasion.

Please send us an email with the following information to

Room for workshop (library, gymnasium, room #)____________________

Ideally, it is preferable that any recess (or coffee/tea) breaks be taken after the completion of the 2 to 2-1/2 hours workshop. If this is not possible, then special arrangements can be made and the following information needs to be known:

Bell (start of school)__________Recess__________Lunch___________Recess__________

Payment (cash or cheque) should be made payable to AC Creative Workshops at the completion of the workshop.

If you have any further questions, please call us at (905) 259-5153 or email at

Thank you for your booking. We look forward to bringing the past to life for you!


Queen Alexis and Lady Colleen

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