Queen Helene has abdicated (retired) from her Brass Rubbing workshops.    Workshops will now be presented by Queen Alexis and Lady Colleen of Medieval Brass Rubbings.  The same program and workshop structure used by Queen Helene will be presented.

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About Lady Colleen

Lady Colleen An entrepreneur, who is also a qualified teacher, brings her knowledge, organizational and business skills to the court.

2 Responses to Proclamation

  1. Good Morning Queens,
    My name is Arnolda Baker and I reside in Strathroy, Ontario. I have a brass rubbing business for sale. I have been doing brass rubbings in Middlesex County for the past 15 years and over the past 5 years have not been able to continue because of Fibromyalgia. So now I have approx. 55 brass portraits that I am looking to sell. Would you be interested in purchasing some or all the brass portraits? They range in size from large (33 x 15) to medium (24 x 15) to small (animals, small people rubbings, approx. 6″ x 10″). I also have some beautiful celtic crosses (4). Also available is some paper, crayons, erasers and hangers. Look forward to hearing from the Queens! I knew Queen Helene and Grace Carrouthers from Oakville. We met a couple of times just for fun.

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