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Snails are dangerous …

If you look at drawings or writings from medieval times you will find images of medieval knights fighting off snails……. Check this link out…for more exciting details….http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/smartnews/2013/10/why-were-medieval-knights-always-fighting-snails/

We have travelled to “Forward into the Past” at Wilfrid Laurier University…

  On April 6, 2013, we have  travelled  o’er fields and fountains, moors and mountains to visit “Forward into the Past” all-day event  at  Sir Wilfrid Laurier in Waterloo. One of many craftspeople, we demonstrated brass rubbings and helped to bring life to the past. … Continue reading

A Man’s Home Is His Castle!

Most castles were built between 9th to the 16th centuries. The castles were built to protect Europe’s noble families and the villages that surrounded them. The first castles were built of wood with palisades of wooden stakes surrounding them. They … Continue reading

Medieval Times – a Quick History video

Here is a video which gives an overview of the life and times of the Medieval Period. Please enjoy!

A Question of Fashion

Why is the bottom button of a man’s waistcoat always left undone? As Edward the 7th progressed in years, so did his girth! To accommodate this, he began to leave the bottom button of his waistcoat undone. He thought that … Continue reading