We are off on another adventure at the Family Day with the Elgin County Museum

Queen Alexis and Lady Colleen are off once more on an adventure to visit the Elgin County Heritage Centre as the museum hosts the Medieval exhibit “Once Upon A Time”. It is a wonderful chance for families to participate in a hand’s-on opportunity to experience life in days of yore…

We will be teaching visitors how to create brass rubbings, along with other museum volunteers and staff as they provide opportunities to try the ancient skills of knitting chain maille, the art of calligraphy and illumination, coin making, or even trying on the armour of a knight!

We hope that you will come and celebrate with us on Family Day, February 19, 2018!


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Queen Alexis An art teacher, with over twenty years of experience in classroom, studio and art camp venues, brings her enthusiasm and skills to this unique and entertaining art form.

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