When did Kingship begin?

Queens and Kings began early on, when civilizations were in infancy. It was the royal leaders, who led those around them, creating development and growth. Often they were thought of as having a close relationship with the divine – not a regular mortal. They were seen to come to earth to carry out the wishes of the gods, or goddesses in the heavens.  The one drawback.. (there is always a catch…): the early kings, would be sacrificed in a  re-creation ritual…maybe, not such a great job after all!! – (info from “Now You Know Royalty by Doug Lennox, Dundurn Press, Toronto, 2009. ISBN 978-55488-415-5)

About Queen Alexis

Queen Alexis An art teacher, with over twenty years of experience in classroom, studio and art camp venues, brings her enthusiasm and skills to this unique and entertaining art form.

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