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Girl completing a brass rubbing watched by Mom

Working diligently

brass rubbing done by a 4 year old

A four-year-old creating a brass rubbing

The Art of Brass Rubbing:

Brass rubbings are made by securing special black paper over the raised surface of a medieval memorial portrait.  This surface is then rubbed with gold or silver waxes.  The intricate designs of medieval artisans come to life again in your picture.  No special skills are involved and everyone can successfully reproduce a “reduced scale” masterpiece in approximately 45 minutes.

The Royal Workshop:

Youth creating brass rubbingQueen Alexis and Lady Colleen, in full medieval costume, will entertain and educate about how people lived in medieval times.  Using our 60 monumental brasses as primary evidence, participants will learn about the social and religious culture of medieval times.  Learn about the different coat-of-arms, stages of armour, warfare, fashion, occupations, religions, and the meaning of quirky expressions that originated in medieval times. What is the story behind “it’s raining cats and dogs”, “upper crust”, “saved by the bell”
and “chew the fat”?

Working on a brass rubbing ofHenry VIII

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