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Creating a brass rubbing











What is a brass rubbing?

Brass rubbing is a creative, historical art form using Monumental Brass replicas of personages from Medieval Europe.  A brass rubbing is an accurate replication of a beautiful brass portrait of a real medieval person which was placed on ancient burial vaults. The original brass monumental life-sized portraits were made by 12th to 17th century European artists.  They depicted knights in full armour, kings, queens, lords and ladies in court or religious dress and other costumes that represented wealthy medieval occupations.

Until very recently people took European holidays travelling through cathedrals from Malta to England making brass rubbings from the priceless originals.  However, deterioration of the monumental brasses has forced museums to permit viewing only from behind red velvet rope barricades.  Thus, rubbings can only be done now from replicas. 

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